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A place to learn, explore & discover more about you and your spirituality. Open the door to infinite possibilities. To experience many aspects of your spiritual self. See how reconnecting with the universe to receive divine guidance can lead you down new paths, change your mindset, connect with spirit and live a loving purposeful life! When you begin to see the connection with a higher power. Your ability to love, laugh and enjoy life multiplies.

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"Michelle’s course on Angel/Oracle Card writing was amazing!

It was the perfect blend of spiritual/mindful practices, creative structures and practical business tips. Her clarity and enthusiasm WERE exactly what I needed to get me from inspiration to inspired action. The result has been over 50 pre-orders of my very first co-created deck of angel cards. Thank you Michelle!" - Jennifer Kupcho, Spiritual Mindset Coach

I began attending Angel Card reading classes with Michelle in late 2017. I have since been able to connect with my guides, the world around me, and most importantly myself. Michelle's classes have provided me a more tangible way to feel and understand things that I was unable to verbalize. It has been amazing finding a safe space where I can speak with and exchange experiences with like minded people! ~Chrissy

Michelle Irene Connection Collective is a safe place

to learn, discover, and grow.

A place to connect with like minded people.

A place to balance your mind, body, and soul for the strongest

'Divine Connection' to all that is. Welcome home.


"Working with Michelle Irene has been very therapeutic for me. She has helped me to once again find and more importantly maintain that sacred space inside that brings me peace and hope. Michelle has helped me to learn to listen to my inner voice and to trust it implicitly She has helped me to remember that my future can be whatever I choose for it be. I have the power to trust in my creativity and the path that has always called to me. Michelle has given me the courage to chase my dreams and to love myself unconditionally. I am grateful for the work I have done with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their way out of the dark and into a place of peace, joy and serenity. Thank you, Michelle! ~Jo Ann

"I have been working with Michelle for over two years now. She has been a huge help in guiding me to find the root cause of some life long issues and how to heal from them. She has also taught me how to listen to the universe for signs and guidance to get me on the path I need to be. I have made some radical changes thanks to her help I bought a house, left a job I had been at for 17 years to pursue my own business. All of her teachings have helped me to do more things from a place of love and in doing that so many doors have been opened it’s amazing! Her down to earth approach is comforting and she lets you know she doesn’t always have good days-which puts you at ease for sure but she teaches you how to handle them better. I cannot thank her enough for all she has and continues to teach me". ~Liz

"By attending Michelle’s classes over the past several years, I have grown as a person. By opening my heart and finding my inner strength, loving me, I have finally found “me “ “I am” with the guidance of Michelle. But I did this on my own through my inner strength and my faith" 😇💙 ~Gina